A smart chat bot that converts window shoppers into paying customers

our messenger can become a point of sale where customers can browse, shop, track and even pay without leaving the app!

Common Challenges for Sellers

24/7 support
Order Management
No one notices your post
orders processed
customers served


Just set up your menu once and see the orders piling in. Guide your customers from ordering to payment, while still in Messenger.

And its all

Product filters for a smooth experience

Customers can browse your full catalog

Cart experience on par

Promo and coupon codes to entice customers

Easy checkout

And its all automated!

Order status updated in realtime

The dashboard tells you everything

And its all automated!

Add products with ease


Time for a smart
business move

Automation is the logical next step your business needs you to take. Keep a close eye on any and all communications your customers initiate while your customer service rep works in the background.

It's time to put an end to these problems because we’re going to solve them all for you!

How Facebook Works in Sellker

Connect your Facebook Shop on Sellker

Enable the Facebook features you want

Start selling on Facebook now!

Reasons to Sell on Facebook with Sellker

Gain brand exposure

Increase brand awareness among potential new customers on multiple popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

Drive more sales without extra cost

You can run marketing activities to attract the current followers such as new product launch, product update, promotion and more.

Manage your business across the channels

Simplify your daily operation such as product, order, inventory and customer management on Facebook and Instagram in one place.

Connect with


potential customers on Facebook

Your business is about to reach over


internet users around the world

How Sellker Facebook Marketing Grows Your Business

One-Click Integration to Facebook Shop

Connect your product catalog to Facebook and Instagram with Sellker in one-click. With this, any changes made on Sellker will be reflected across on Facebook shop.


Auto Respond to Customers With Sellker Facebook Promoter

Our Facebook Promoter auto-respond to comments under the post when matched with the predicted comment keyword. It also auto-generates a caption for each product together with a purchase link when you share from Sellker directly.

Track Business Performance With Facebook Pixel

As you continue to sell on Facebook, you can collect and assess the insight of your customers’ shopping behaviour. Set up Facebook Pixel to track visitors’ activity on your website for advertising campaigns.

24/7 Chatbot with Messenger

Sellker allows you to create a menu or chatbot which auto-replies customers first-level inquiries. This simplifies their buying decision process. Order confirmation can be sent through email or Facebook messenger too.

Auto Sales Converter with Facebook Live

Purchase link will be automatically sent to your customer via Messenger once they comment during your live streaming. Orders placed from Facebook Live will be recorded on Sellker, and store inventory will be reflected as well.