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Common Challenges for Instagram Sellers

No product catalog to browse

Unable to directly convert followers into customers

Time consuming to manage order in Direct Message

Sound familiar?

It's time to put an end to these problems because we’re going to solve them all for you!

We Got You Covered with Essential Solutions for Your Business

Instagram Shop

A customizable storefront that allows Instagram users to shop directly from your Instagram shop within the app. Use product tags to showcase the details of the products from the catalog in posts and stories.

  • Product tags
  • In-app shopping
  • Product details page

Instagram Bio Shop

An Instagram-alike store that offers a similar interface for your shoppers to browse through your product catalogue. Provide a sense of comfort, which to avoid your shoppers from any sudden interface change.

  • Simple setup
  • Shoppable posts
  • No verification needed
  • A direct checkout button

Reasons to Connect on Instagram with Sellker

Expand Brand Exposure

Your customers aren’t on one channel. They are on all channels. Sellker aids to approach more potential customers through Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and any other channels you use.

Drive More Sales With Zero Cost

Plan and publicize Instagram marketing activities with a new product launch, product update, promotion and more. Tag the products in posts and stories to let customers directly shop in the app.

Manage Your Business Across the Channels

Simplify your daily ecommerce operation such as product, order, inventory and customer management on Instagram Shop and Facebook Shop in one place.

How Sellker Helps Businesses to Sell on Instagram

One-Click Product Sync

Connect your product catalog to Instagram Shop and Facebook Shop with Sellker in with one click. Any changes made on Sellker will be reflected automatically across both platforms.

Receive Real-Time Stock Updates

Ensure accurate inventory count across all sales channels. How? Instant inventory updates in Sellker will be reflected once the order is placed from Instagram Store. You will receive a low stock alert notification when it hits below a minimum quantity.

Convert Instagram DMs into Automated Sales

Encourage followers to buy instantly with shoppable posts to help you grab more sales in Instagram Store. We help record all order details such as items sold, payment amounts, and customer details that you received from Instagram.

Gain Key Insights

Access order details from Instagram will be synced and accessible in Sellker. Track and review to understand customer shopping behavior in Instagram Store. Utilize auto-generated sales reports to optimize spending and website content for Instagram marketing.

Get A Live Instagram Feed on Ecommerce Website

  • Keep your website fresh all the time to convince your visitors
  • Display all your networks in neat and tidy order
  • Make the best use of it during the product launch event, influencers marketing, promotion activities and more.