Start Accepting Payments

Provide your customers with preferred payment options to buy the products they want from you.

What Are the Payment Methods You Can Provide in Sellker

Bank Transfer/ATM Transfer

A simple way to make online purchases without requiring a credit card for payment purposes. It's to pay with the current/saving account..

Debit/Credit Card

Credit card is payment method to pay at once or pay in instalment such as American Express, Visa, and Mastercard; Debit card is to pay by deducting from the current/savings account.


Allow online shoppers to make online transactions faster and smoother with mobile wallets, such as: Touch 'n Go, Boost, FavePay and more.

Buy now pay later

Split the cost of the purchase into a few payments for your customers. This payment often does not charge interest upon payment.


Paying with cash is a convenience for those who are not using any cards. It gives your users the freedom to explore options and get the best deal.

Why Should You Offer Various Payment Methods


The more payment options you have on your website, the more comfortable customers feel while checking out. With 40+ payment solutions, Sellker makes it easy to sell locally and launch new markets by adding your customers’ preferred way of paying.

Earn Customer Trust

The payment solution is an important part of the checkout process. Providing multiple payment methods offers a good and flexible shopping experience for customers. Hence, the more seamless is the checkout experience, the more satisfied is the customer.

Reach More Potential Customers

Take payment online with Sellker multi-currency shopping cart will make your business able to expand your reach all over the world. Customers can view the prices converted using an exchange rate that you choose.

Lower Business Costs

Get the lowest possible payment processing and setup cost for your Sellker store with the exclusive offers. Additionally, no transaction fee will be charged by Sellker.

Better Shopping Experience

Enabling different payment methods makes for a better customer experience. Offer as many alternative payment options as possible helps to boost sales and convert them into repeat customers.

How Sellker Payment Solution Helps Your Business

Automate Payment & Refund Process

Make it easy to receive payments 24/7. In addition, payment options reduce manual tasks and increase productivity like sending real-time notification, recording purchase history. It greatly saves time and effort for your business.

Go Global with Multiple-Currency Shopping Cart

Accept payment globally with multiple-currency shopping cart. Your customers to view prices in your store, pay for their orders and receive refunds in their local currency.

Ensure Security With PCI DSS Certification

We work with the payment services that are in compliance with PCI DSS certification to keep all your customers’ information secure. Customers can always feel comfortable when they buy from you.

Charge 0 Transaction Fee

We do not charge any fee on every of your transaction. You have the flexibility of running your business. Select your preferred payment options to cater to the preferences of the target customer.

Improve Mobile Conversions

With the combination of responsive web design and secure payment methods, you can create mobile-optimised Ecommerce website and offer convenient checkouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

We worked with various payment partners to provide you: Online Banking / ATM Transfer Debit/Credit Card E-Wallet Buy Now Pay Later Cash On Delivery and more

No. There isn’t any fee that will be charged on your transaction by Sellker.

No, there is no limitation on your plans. All plans user can freely integrate any payment method, either third-party payment integration or manual payment.

You just need to apply for an account with your preferred payment services, and you can easily connect the account to your Sellker store with a few simple steps.


You can set up manual payment with: Bank transfer ( IBG / instant transfer ) Wallet transfer ( scan QR code ) Cash deposit ( ATM ) and etc.
Transaction of a manual payment method will not be auto-linked with orders, therefore you’ll then need to self verify receipt and once confirmed, manually mark the order as paid.

Most of the third-party payment services are required the business license to apply.


Yes, you can. You can integrate with different payment methods and let customers have more payment options at the checkout.

When you apply to the third-party payment methods, you will need to prepare: Business license or SSM(for Malaysia region) Copy of business owner’s identity card(IC) Details of business bank account