Accept More Orders via WhatsApp

Turn your WhatsApp conversation into sales by accepting orders directly through the order form

Already using Sellker? Enable WhatsApp Order Form

The Order Form that Sells

A secured online order form that shows the product name, price, and best photo of your selected products. This simple product display layout makes any customer will know how to buy your products straight away via WhatsApp.

You can also collect payments and gather customer information in a fast, easy and reliable way.

Place an order on WhatsApp

Single-page product catalogue layout

Displaying product name, price and image in one page

How WhatsApp Order Form Works

Customers place order via order form

Your customers can view your product name, price and photo within a secure form via the auto-generated link. Your customers can also send a message to you for more product details.

Sellers receive the WhatsApp order

Customer interaction via Whatsapp allows you to understand your customer needs from the product inquiries. Now, you can chat with the customer and let the customer reviews the order details before placing an order.

Customers make payment

One last step for the customer to complete the order. The customers are required to fill in their necessary information like shipping address and payment. An order confirmation email will automatically send to your customer; at the same time, you will be notified as well.

Fact About WhatsApp

More than 400 million users are using WhatsApp, and the daily average daily time spend has exceeded 4 hours, giving an opportunity for businesses to communicate and sell to their customer on WhatsApp.

Reasons to Use WhatsApp Order Form

Auto-collect order details

Order form skips the time-consuming work of collecting customer’s shipping address, payment receipt, customer information and etc. All information is automatically stored which enables you to access, review, and learn customers’ spending behaviour.

Target different customers

Target different customersThe order form is accessible by customers from any platform. Tailoring order forms that associate to customers’ interest able to increase the chance to place an order. You can have different targeted sets of products that matched their preferences to motivate their buying intention.

Encourage repeat purchases

The ability to understand your customer often follows by greater customer satisfaction. Hence, the purchase history makes it easier to sell to the same customer again, as this allows you to tailor the order form according to their previous shopping behaviour.

The Essential Features of Sellker Whatsapp Order Form

Easy to Set Up

No need for fancy design or a complex setup process. Just one minute and you can start selling right away now with a customizable order form, including your business name, product list and etc. You can tailor the order form that suits different types of customers.

WhatsApp Lookalike Interface

A Whatsapp lookalike interface makes it simple for customers to place orders within their familiar interface. Closing a deal is all about timing, where this minimizes the time for your customers to explore the new interface.

Referral Program

Encourage more people to promote your products with referrals incentive via WhatsApp order form. Each referral will have its own code for an order form. The sales brought by them will be auto-track and you can check it in your Sellker dashboard anytime.

Abandoned order recovery

Get in touch with intended-to-buy customers by sending reminders on the order that they didn’t complete. Apart from sending an automated notification, use discounts and promotions to invite your customers back to finish their orders in their shopping cart.

Real-time order notifications

Get notified on our Mobile App whenever an order is placed. This enables you to efficiently manage your order right away, avoiding mistakes like forgotten orders and incompetent order management. With automated order management, your orders will be organized in sequence for easy delivery.

Multi-Currency Shopping Cart

These order forms support multicurrency based on your customers’ location. This enables customers from the selected region to browse through the catalogue and purchase your products according to their respective currency.

Manage Orders Everywhere

Quickly access to WhatsApp order form on your mobile devices to tailor the best order form according to your customer’s needs. You can create, edit or even manage your order form on the go.